Social Group Instruction- Beyond Social Skills!

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Julie mentored with Michelle Garcia Winner in 2004 and has been utilizing the Social Thinking® curriculum ( to improve social success ever since. The social skills instruction groups are based heavily on the Social Thinking® curriculum as well as other techniques and strategies from other experts as well as ones she developed herself. Thinking Social Michigan, LLC offers a program to promote social understanding. If your child has Asperger Syndrome, is on the Autism Spectrum, has ADHD and/or has extreme difficulty in social situations, then social thinking instruction may be of interest to you.  Group instruction is appropriate for youth that have social skills deficits. Members may or may not have a diagnosis of ASD or Asperger Syndrome.  This instruction is meant for youth that are functioning similar to their peers in cognitive functioning and speech and language, but possess social difficulties.  Groups will be formed for Pre-K through 12th grade students and are hand picked based on functioning, personality, age range and availability. 

What are Social Skills?
“Social Skills” are different than academic skills such as math or reading.  "Skills"- or behaviors- are different than social thinking and relating.  Social thinking involves the mental processing that occurs to determine what behaviors to use in a situation that will be expected, helpful and show interest in others.  Social skills are very much context driven; what might be appropriate in one situation may be inappropriate in another. In order to learn and practice social thinking strategies, it is necessary to be in a social situation.  Social thinking is constant; we use it any time we are around others, when thinking of others, when reading a novel, etc.

It can be beneficial to group several students together so that practice and discussion is relative to the deficit areas of each.  Group instruction can be fun and positive and often leads to developing friendships with others who share similar perspectives.  Parent consultation is provided throughout the term.
Group Details:

If you elect to enroll your child or teen in social learning group classes, he or she will be part of a small group that will meet weekly for an entire term.  Groups are generally comprised of 3 to 5 children or teens with one adult instructor. Each group will meet for one hour at Thinking Social Michigan, LLC. Occasionally, the groups will meet off-site at locations in the community such as fast food or bowling. The last 10 minutes of each session will be a parent consultation.  Communication and consultation with parents will also occur via email.  One of the goals for this class is that students experience fun and success in a social situation while learning social strategies.  Another goal is to include parent education and reinforcement in the natural environment. 

Information about the cost for this intensive group instructional program can be found on the application form (see link at the top of the page). Please call for an appointment and bring a completed form with you, along with any pertinent evaluations or educational reports. 

Thinking Social Michigan, LLC social instruction is provided by a certified educator, much as an intensive tutoring program would be for a child with a learning disability. This is not clinical or mental health therapy.  Therefore this service is not billable to, or covered by, any medical or mental health insurance. Some families have been able to utilize an empolyer's flexible savings plan for the cost of group and mileage. 

The Social Thinking® curriculum was developed by Michelle Garcia Winner.  You may find more information at  Thinking Social Michigan, LLC has noaffiliation, endorsement or ongoing relationship with Social Thinking® or Michelle Garcia Winner.  Thinking Social Michigan, LLC also utilizes strategies developed by many other experts in social skills development 


Julie in Houston at a conference with
Dr. Pamela Crooke & Michelle Garcia Winner